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‘Dining Room’, ART+ARCH Infinite Exhibition Profile


Brisbane / Queensland / Australia


Completed 2004


“Dining Room, by Simone Eisler and Andrew Steen is founded on an idea about the residential occupation of certain ‘forgotten’ spaces by the homeless. It offers a delicate and engaging image of the city as a place which could be furnished and decorated as you would a domestic interior.”
As part of the biennial Brisbane Festival, ART + ARCH Infinite exhibition consisted of eleven constructed temporary artworks, one unrealised artwork and a performance piece. “In proposing the collaborative ephemeral art project ART+ARCH Infinite, Professor Steffen Lehmann sought to engage with ideas about the place of the public realm – to bring to mind, through the constructed outcomes of collaborations between artists and designers, the potential of our experience of the city to provoke encounter.”
Quoted from Sheona Thomson, Architecture Australia November/December 2004 edition.